Quality in Nutrition First

Discover our range of high quality products specially made to meet the peculiar needs of our customers.

Maizoya Plus and Maizoya Super


Introducing Maizoya! Our first consumer product to launch on the Ghanaian market! It’s a nutrition powerhouse in a simple meal, perfect for the whole family.

Cereal grit products

Cereal Grits

High quality whole & grits cereals – corn, sorghum, wheat and millet. Made strictly according to your specifications to meet your needs. Perfect for breweries, baby food production, cereal-based snacks, poultry feed, among other products.

Corn-Soya Blends

Collaborating with organizations such as the World Food Program and USAID, we provide a range of corn-soya blend products that are highly nutritious and meet the strict standards of these clients. Are you an impact organization interested in highly nutritious product for a specific demographic? Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Premium Foods

Quality in nutrition first – that’s top of mind in all our processes. With every product, our consumers health is above all else. So we’re guided by a commitment to safety, quality, nutrition and affordability.

Stories for You

Join the Nutrition Revolution

Experience the power of quality in nutrition and join us in our vision to provide quality, safe, nutritious and affordable food products for all.

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