Extrusion Training

Just as all students need theoretical knowledge in their subject area, little can be learned without the require practical training. The development of expertise in the tertiary level especially require that theoretical knowledge and practical training is integrated to coherent whole. It is based on this that Premium Foods Limited (PFL) has chosen to open its doors for free practical training and factory visit to all tertiary students all over Ghana who has the means to come.

PFL receives students from KNUST to be trained on the extrusion technology in the food industry. This is to give the students hands on training on the machine, to appreciate it use and learn the different areas of application. The training covers topics such as:

  • The operation of the extruder
  • Manipulation of the extruder parameters to get the required/desired results
  • The different range of products that can be extruded
  • Calculations of feed rate, screw speed, water flow rate and their adjustability
  • How to determine whether the extrudate is well extruded.

We encourage student to do literature reviews in order to come out with extrudate from local ingredients. Products from extrusion technology were displayed and the trainers were given the chance to extrude a blend of maize and soya, dried pineapple fruits and cassava flour.