Quality in Nutrition First

Feeding Ghana and West Africa with Premium Nutrition


Discover our first and newest nutritious product carefully made to meet your daily nutritional needs.
The complete, nutritious meal made for you. Packed with essential nutrients, it’s ideal for the entire family.

Maizoya Plus and Maizoya Super
Mr Tom Gambrah, Founder of Premium Foods Ltd

Our Journey

With over 25 years in the agri-food processing industry, Premium Foods Limited is a trusted name dedicated to feeding Ghana and West Africa with safe, quality, nutritious and affordable food products.

Why Choose Premium Foods

Our commitment to safe, quality, and affordable food products, sourced sustainably and prepared with the health of our consumers in mind, sets us apart in the industry.

We supply quality grains and legumes

Discover Our Products

Specially formulated to meet your needs. We supply grains and legumes of unmatched quality for institutional clients. As well as our first consumer product made to provide comprehensive nutrition in one simple meal.

Our impact stories

Impact Stories

Community Development and Human Capital Development are dear to us. Learn more about our impacts stories.

Join the Nutrition Revolution

Experience the power of quality in nutrition and join us in our vision to provide quality, safe, nutritious and affordable food products for all.

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