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  • Feed the Future
  • Non-Profit Client
  • 2012 - 2016
  • Technical Training


This project was the coming together of partners with similar goals and a desire for standardized supply of raw materials while improving the income of individual farmers

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Nucleus Farmer Scheme

The Problem

Maize, rice and soya beans are the key primary raw materials used by PFL in its processing operations. As demand for our products grew, so did the need for a reliable source of good quality grains for our production.

A Unique Solution.

To ensure a reliable supply of high quality raw materials, PFL manages a Nucleus Farmer/Smallholder Farmer scheme with the goal of ensuring a win-win of increased income for the farmers and quality raw materials for PFL.

How Does It Work?

Management of the Nucleus Farmer scheme is done in collaboration with the USAID/ADVANCE program under the Feed the Future program area. The collaboration ensures the nucleus farmers are provided with technical assistance under the ADVANCE program in planning, communication and negotiations as well as post harvest management. This knowledge is then passed on to the farmers to ensure good agronomic practices at the SHF level.

Capacity development of human resource in the agricultural sector is another PFL focal area. PFL facilitates technical assistance for producers/farmers to increase technical know-how as well as overall production. In collaboration with programs like USAID Feed the Future (ADVANCE), PFL has built the capacity of over 10,000 smallholder farmers in the 3 northern regions of Ghana. This is of high priority due to PFL’s interest in securing standardized high quality raw materials for processing requirements.

The Results

PFL’s nucleus farmer/smallholder farmer out-grower system has over the last 4 years grown from 5 nucleus farmers with 3000 SHFs to 30 nucleus farmers to 11,600 SHFs. This scheme has been developed through valuable lessons learnt by PFL in over 20 years of operation. The scheme guarantees smallholder farmers’ production through increasing their access to mechanization, agricultural inputs (chemical and financial), and technical assistance in addition to broadening their marketing options.

As a result of PFL’s NF/SHF operations, the company in the 2014-2015 production cycle took delivery of 1700 - 2000 tonnes of maize from the 11,600 smallholder farmers engaged in the scheme. The SHFs in turn reported improvement in their livelihoods as well as increased employment among the farming communities.

Our ability to collaborate and partner with teams such as ADVANCE for tailored technical and human capacity programs shows the strength of our team.