Adding value to raw cereals is one of our areas of business operations, and we therefore keep investing in our production capacity.

2014-2015 Operational Year: 6 tons an hour

2015-2016 Operational Year: 12 tons an hour

We have the following capacity to meet the needs of our customers for processed foods.

Maize Grits: 11,000 tons

Fortified Foods: 7,000 tons


Dergermed maize; milled into different particle sizes, classified as “A”grits, “B” grits and mixed grits. It is used by the breweries as a raw material for brewing beer.

It is also used for the production of maize base cereal by the confectionary industry. Maize grits is also delicious when taken as a breakfast cereal cooked into porridge.

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A blend of 80% maize and 20% soybeans, roasted and milled into flour, fortified with vitamins and minerals essential for micronutrients requirement for both adults’ and children.

It is very delicious, and can be eaten as all day cereal.

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Whole maize milled into flour, fortified with vitamin and minerals, to meet the micronutrients requirement of both adults and children.

It is crunchy and a delicious breakfast cereal.

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Whole maize milled into fine flour for the bakery industry and also for restaurants as well as domestic usage.

It can be used for Tuo- Zafi a local Ghanaian dish.

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